We specialize in Unique Custom Jewelry created by our On-Site Designer, and in Jewelry Repair.

Silverlust was established in July 1984 by Herschel Teper, who had a simple vision – Unique Jewelry, made to last, that people would want to wear always. Since then, Silverlust has added to its inventory, continuously upgrading with that vision intact – that quality should always be good. Rather buy a superior piece once, than keep fixing a lesser one.

Silverlust has an amazing variety of jewelry. Besides jewelry that we make, we have unique, high-quality jewelry from all over the world – Israel, Egypt, Bali, Italy, and Mexico, to name but a few. The styles may vary, but the common denominator is the quality – we guarantee every item that we sell – if we made it or if someone else did. If it breaks, we fix it.

Our cases are packed with unique sterling silver and 14k gold jewelry. Chains, charms, pendants, broach pins, watches, cuff links, and much, much more. No trendy “here today, gone tomorrow” jewelry. We carry unique, quality pieces that you’ll always want to wear. All those items that you can’t seem to find are available at Silverlust. (BECAUSE OF FLUCTUATIONS IN THE “METALS” MARKET, PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE).

Silverlust Fine Jewelry